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                                                                                         October 2019
The IBFI launches its bi-annual Newsletter. It provides information on current and future events and discuss issues in external cooperation. The missions and activity of the IBFI are detailed in our new article on the "external cooperation at Banque de France". The new catalogue of seminars of the IBFI for 2020 is launched with three new seminars on green finance, big data and real estate risks. We hope to welcome many participants from around the world.

Jean-Luc Quémard

Head of the IBFI

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New 2020 IBFI seminars
The new IBFI 2020 seminar calendar is published. Three new seminars have been created in 2020: Green finance, Big data and real-estate risks.



"The external cooperation at Banque de France". New article by Louis Bê Duc and Jean-Luc Quémard
This article describes big changes in the the activity and the mission of the IBFI in charge of the external cooperation of the Banque de France. This major involvement is changing with a multi-modal approach, a wider world scope, and the development of partnerships and digital solutions.



Financial stability and Macroprudential Policies

On 30 September-4 October, the Banque de France and the

Joint Vienna Institute organized a seminar on financial stability

for 23 participating countries. The JVI’s experts presented how

some indicators could be used to forecast credit or FX risks. The BdF focused on how an early warning system has been designed and how it is used in France. They also laid out the conception of macro stress tests by the Banque de France.

Unconventional monetary policies
On 16-18 September, delegates from around 25 central banks world-wide gathered at Banque de France for this seminar in which recent developments in the analysis and implementation of unconventional monetary policies were addressed.



Transforming a Central Bank
The 4-6 September seminar “Transforming a Central Bank” gathered managers from 30 central banks to discuss national practices ; results from a questionnaire survey on Training and Change management are presented here-below.



Data protection
One year after the entry into force of the GDPR in May 2018, an international seminar took place on 4-6 June to describe its content and specific obligations for companies located outside the EU offering services to EU citizens.



A Research Agenda for central Banks
A High-level workshop on “A research Agenda for central banks” gathered several central banks delegates on 4-7 June to discuss on ways to manage economic studies in central banks and steer research towards operation and policy. The seminar was joint with Global Development Network (based in New Dehli).



Meeting of the French Speaking training directors in Tunis
French speaking training directors met in Tunis on 25-27 June to address the issue of digitisation of capacity building in French speaking area's central banks.



Seminar “Euromed” on non-bank finance joint with Banca d’Italia and the Word Bank took place in Naples
On 18-19 June Banca d'Italia hosted in Naples the representatives of 14 Mediterranean countries and 6 regional and international organizations - World Bank, IMF, Financial Stability Board, European Systemic Risk Board, European Investment Bank, European Central Bank - to discuss the issue of increasing financing of the economy by non-bank financial players.



Memorandum of understanding with Banque de Tunisie
A memorandum of understanding was signed on 28 March between governor François Villeroy de Galhau and governor Marouane El Abassi. The signature of the memorandum accompanies a series of undergoing bilateral actions in 2019 in a wide spectrum of area : audit, strategy, digitalization, cash, training etc.





EU-Funded ESCB programme "Strengthening the Central Bank Capacities in the Western Balkans"
A new EU-funded program on behalf of the central banks and some supervisory authorities of the Western Balkans was launched in Vienna (March 2019). ESCB central banks will provide AT and training for central banks in this area over the 2019-2020 period. Banque de France will organise a workshop on statistics in June 2020 in that context.
- Anti-Money Laundering (12-15 November)
- Internal Audit and internal control (18-21November)
- Back office operations (25-28 November)
- Balance of payment and other external statistics (2-5 December)
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